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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mowing schedule?

Not per se, although our staff is mowing the grounds nearly every day in the summer. We mow on an as-needed basis.

How much does it cost for a burial space?

Spaces start at $941.25

What are the sizes of the lots?

Each lot has sixteen spaces. (except for the Mall and Devotion Gardens which have twelve) The size of an individual grave space is 40" x 9'.

What days do you handle interments?

Interments can be conducted Monday through Saturday. We do not conduct interments on Sundays or holidays.

If I own a lot and don't need it, can I sell it?

Yes, but you must transfer your deed so that the future owner doesn't have a problem proving ownership. Anyone in our office can assist you with this.

How many items may I place at a gravesite?

You should only keep flowers and items IN the vases on the monument. Our maintenance crew mows the grounds and any items that are not placed on the marker are subject to weed-eater damage.

Can I purchase spaces in advance?

Absolutely. We recommended that you purchase in advance to help ease the burden of your family during the death of a loved one.

What is an opening and closing?

"Opening and Closing" fees include administration, permanent record keeping, locating the grave and laying out the boundaries, excavating and filling the interment space, installation and removal of the lowering device, installation of the outside container, placement and removal of grass at the grave site, leveling, tampering, re-grading and sodding the grave site, and leveling and re-sodding the grave if the earth settles.

Can we dig our own grave to avoid the charge of opening and closing?

The actual opening of the grave and closing of the grave is just one component of the opening and closing fee. Because of safety issues which arise around the use of the machinery on cemetery property and the protection of property of adjacent interment rights holders, the actual opening and closing of the grave is conducted by cemetery personnel.

Must I purchase a burial vault?

Hayes Grace Memorial Park Cemetery requires that you have a permanent container to surround the casket in the grave. This type of container aids in the prevention of grave settling. Either a graveliner or burial vault will satisfy these requirements. You can purchase these items at the Cemetery Office.

What is entombment?

Entombment is the interment of human remains in a tomb or mausoleum. It involves placing a casket or cremation urn in a crypt or niche (individual compartment within a mausoleum or columbarium), which is then sealed permanenty.

What is a mausoleum?

A community mausoleum is simply a large building designed to provide aboveground entombment for a number of people. Sharing the costs of the mausoleum with other individuals makes it more affordable than a private mausoleum. Crypts are designed to hold casketed remains, while niches accomodate urns containing cremated remains. Following an entombment, the crypt or niche is sealed, and a granite front is attached.

When I buy a grave space do I receive a deed?

When you purchase a grave space you are purchasing the interment rights for that individual space. The space itself remains the property and responsibility of the cemetery, although you also have the right to place a memorial where permitted.

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